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There is a good chance crawlers are looking for Twitter handles while they are out and about.  We already know the search engines utilize social information and signals in their index.  For example, you can see this information in Google’s “Realtime” vertical.  If you are interested in seeing a live example check out this realtime feed of #smx.

Of particular interest today, and the reason I write this blog post, I had Google actually suggest a URL to me today inside the Google Suggest portion of the Google Toolbar.  The URL that was suggested was one Google claimed was on the topic I was typing in the box and was a URL shared by one of the handles I am following on Twitter.

I tried to grab a screen shot of this Google Suggest feature in action, but I was too late.  It was removed before I got the chance.  Regardless, the social side of the web is blending rapidly with regular search.  Make sure you have your bases covered.  Utilize social with your SEO efforts.

And make sure you have your Twitter accounts available for the crawlers.  Even if it’s only the spam bots.  icon smile Is Google Suggesting URLs Based on Tweets?

Mine is @jasondbarrett and the company’s is @kansascityseo.

The 2010 search share has just been release by comScore.  The overall market is up 12%.  Google gained 13 points, Yahoo is up 4, and Bing is the big winner at 29%.  Good data below regarding the percent change, the percent share, and the top phrases.

searchshare 300x171 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare2 300x175 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare3 300x228 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare4 300x213 Search Share 2010 via comScore

Thank you to Search Engine Land for the heads up.

I don’t think this is what Bing wants in terms of uptime and availability.  Bing is down.

BingDown 300x84 Bing is Down

Bing is Down

Do you think it is because of load?  I’m saying no.

Is this the best way to take on Google?  I’m saying no again.

Come on Bing.  We are pulling for you.  Yahoo is counting on you too.  You can do it.

There was a good post by Matt McGee regarding linking out to other websites and the affect that would have on your own in terms of ranking.  I tend to agree with Matt that outbound linking is important and is a part of Google‘s algorithm when ranking a website.  There has always been a theory that you want your website to be at the center of its content universe.  While this is great in terms of inbound links it is also important to understand that a good expert will always name their sources.  If Kansas City SEO wants to be the center of the universe for SEO in Kansas City then we need to have people who link to the site for those terms.  In turn, we need to link to other sites that support our conversation and strengthen our viewpoint.

There was also talk in the article and comments about the strength of links coming from social media sites vs. those coming from a blog.  I tend to agree that links coming from blogs are important and are generally not flagged for nofollow like links on social sites.  This said, I still think it is important for people to understand the perception of social media sites by people who surf the web.  Social sites are enjoyable, they keep people connected, they allow people to share information, and it is where people tend to spend the majority of their time online.  Google and the other search engines recognize this and pay special attention to links being shared on those platforms.  Even though they are nofollow, I can assure you they are being followed.  If you want to, you can test this using a brand new website.  Only alert people to the website via social links and they will most certainly be followed by the crawlers.

So in conclusion, share the love.  When you reference someone else’s work on your website or in the social space, link to them.  You would like the same from them.  This not only generates goodwill for your website, it helps signal to the engines that your site is in fact a center of information in your industry.

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