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The 2010 search share has just been release by comScore.  The overall market is up 12%.  Google gained 13 points, Yahoo is up 4, and Bing is the big winner at 29%.  Good data below regarding the percent change, the percent share, and the top phrases.

searchshare 300x171 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare2 300x175 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare3 300x228 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare4 300x213 Search Share 2010 via comScore

Thank you to Search Engine Land for the heads up.

I don’t think this is what Bing wants in terms of uptime and availability.  Bing is down.

BingDown 300x84 Bing is Down

Bing is Down

Do you think it is because of load?  I’m saying no.

Is this the best way to take on Google?  I’m saying no again.

Come on Bing.  We are pulling for you.  Yahoo is counting on you too.  You can do it.

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