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elephant One Bite at a TimeElliot, of Elliot’s Blog, wrote a nice post today about how to get in to the domaining industry.  His point simply put was to set reasonable goals and work to the completion of those small goals.  It was a very good point and one I believe can be applied much further out that just domaining.  I had a boss that used to say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  I am sure he did not coin the phrase, but I have certainly never forgotten it.

I am sure I am not alone in my eagerness, lack of patience, determination, entrepreneurial spirit and drive.  It helps to be reminded that races take time and are not won with the first step.  Stay the course.  Remember, just the fact that you are running puts you way ahead of most.

race 300x200 One Bite at a Time

I just watched a really good video sent to me from my cousin (@joeywoodbury).  Thanks Joey.  If you are in to social sciences and behavioral studies (think Dan Ariely and Predictably Irrational, then you will certainly like this one. Enjoy!

I just want to take a quick minute and give you an idea of how much traffic Twitter can produce. We have seen during our testing that Twitter will send 3 – 4 visits per link for every 1,000 followers in you account. This only speaks to the quantity of traffic, not the quality. In terms of quality, the traffic is not that great. We see very little activity from this traffic and see most of these visitors as “just looking”. While the volume is good we would still like to see better quality.

Other notes:

I have not mentioned the quality of the followers. Most of these test accounts contain a random cross-section of the Twitter population. You can imagine, there are ways to do a better job of building a quality list of followers.

We have also done testing around specific days of the week and specific times of the day. The purpose was to determine the optimal days and times for messaging. I am happy to share that information if you are interested, but I can tell you it varies by industry or vertical. It also varies by message theme. Leave a comment if you are interested in more.


Remember you can scale with multiple Twitter accounts. You can also scale with the tweet frequency. Where there is a will there is a way.

Happy tweeting!

The 2010 search share has just been release by comScore.  The overall market is up 12%.  Google gained 13 points, Yahoo is up 4, and Bing is the big winner at 29%.  Good data below regarding the percent change, the percent share, and the top phrases.

searchshare 300x171 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare2 300x175 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare3 300x228 Search Share 2010 via comScore

searchshare4 300x213 Search Share 2010 via comScore

Thank you to Search Engine Land for the heads up.

I just thought I would post a video for fun.  This is my youngest (currently) son on the intertube at the Lake of the Ozarks this last summer.  I just found this when working on my YouTube channel and thought it might bring a smile to some people’s faces.  Mind you, he is 4 years and 3 days old when this was shot.

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